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How We Met and Got Together

How We Met... We met at a BBQ party at David's Apartment in July of 2005. I had come with a friend and he came alone. I was checking my email on David's extra computer when George walked in. I didn't get a good look at him yet. it wasn't until a bunch of us went outside to hangout and get fresh air that I really saw him. We talked for hours sharing story after story about friends, family, and various other things. we exchanged numbers and email accounts. We ate really good and really spicy brisket, talked awhile longer, and then went home. A week later I went to visit my sister in Tulsa, OK for two weeks. While I was there George called me a few times and we talked about everything from school, work, and everything inbetween. Two days after I got home from Tulsa George and I went on our first date at Mountasia. Then later that night we went on another. The next day we went on two more dates, and the pattern went on and on ever since.

How We Got Engaged...

Well we has spent weeks looking at different rings in different stores. We finally went to Robins Brothers and found a great selection of rings. It was the first store where Stacey found several rings she liked. I decided on the one she seemed to like the most. While a store employee dragged her away to go over wedding planning advice I purchased the ring and arranged to have it sized for her finger. About 2 weeks later I went back to Robins Borthers alone on the pretense of going to look at rings again and picked up the ring. I kept it in the trunk of my car until the night of our 6 month anaversy. I waited till Stacey was getting ready to go to bed and came upstairs with two glasses of wine. We toasted our 6 months together and them I told her I had a question for her. I reached down beside the bed, picked up the ring box, opened it, and asked her to marry me while presenting her the ring. She said yes instantly.

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