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The Masque: A Grim Little Entertainment (2008).
A one-act Opera based on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death.” Premiered Houston, Texas, Lone Star Lyric Theater Festival, 2008.
Also an ensemble piece for 10 singers and piano. Soon to be orchestrated for small chamber ensemble.
Audio Glutton's aria: I so enjoy a dainty morsel (excerpt). Nancy Markeloff, soloist; Roger Keele, piano. *
Audio Thief's aria: Whirling, swirling and twirling (excerpt). Kelli Estes, soloist; Roger Keele, piano. *

* Heard on Houston Public Radio.

choral works

Alleluia, Song of Gladness (Urba Beata) (2001).
For Mixed Chorus and Organ.

Anthem for the Centuries (2000).
For Tenor, Mixed Chorus, Piano and Percussion. Commissioned by the Baytown Community Chorus and the Bayer Corporation.

Cantata: Jesus, Royal Bridegroom (1989-90).
For Mezzo-Soprano, Mixed Chorus and Chamber Orchestra. Premiered Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, 1990.
Performed 1994 in Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow, and Samara and Togliatti, Russia, by the Texas Wesleyan Singers and the Samaran Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Ecstasy of St. Julien (2004).
For Soprano, Mixed Chorus, Handbells and Organ. Text adapted from the writings of St. Julien, 14th century.

Holy Eucharist (St. Stephen’s) (1999).
For Unison Chorus and Organ.

Spring and Fall: To a Young Child (1999).
For Mixed a cappella Chorus.

The Summer Fly (2001).
For Three-Part Women’s Chorus and Piano. Commissioned by Eduardo Garcia-Novelli for the Moores School University Women’s Chorus.

instrumental works

Evocations for Solo Piano (Pub. R. Keele, 2010).
I. Tango y Canto ("L'Ange du cimétière") (Cemetery Angel). For Richard Dowling.
II. Valse Sentimentale ("D'Après Chopin"). For John D. Hendrickson.

Arabesque (2004)
Piano solo.

Barcarolle à la Manière de Chopin (1987).
(on "Lara's Theme" from Dr. Zhivago by Maurice Jarre). Piano solo.

Cemetery Angel (L’ange du cimetière) (2008).
For Flute and Harp.

Cosmic Sanctus (2005).
For Flute and Organ, with optional Harp and Windchimes.
Audio R. Keele, flute; Emily Mitchell, harp; Joe Causby, organ; Cynthia Smith, windchimes.

Fantasy for Cello and Piano (1996-1997).
Audio Barrett Sills, cello; R. Keele, piano.

Fantasy on an Irish Tune: The Last Rose of Summer (2006).
Piano solo.

Habañera à la Henri (2002).
For Violin, Cello and Piano.
Audio Oleg Sulyga, violin; Barrett Sills, cello; R. Keele, piano.

Three Preludes (1977)
Piano solo.

song cycles

Three British Poems for Baritone and Piano (1999). CVR 3197
1. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (D. Thomas) (by permission)
2. Fragment: I saw his round mouth’s crimson (W. Owen)
3. Titanic! (T. Hardy)
Included in "Art Song in the United States, 1759-1999: An Annotated Bibliography," 3rd ed. Scarecrow Press.

Six Seasonal Songs for High Voice and Piano (2009). CVR 4264
1. Fly, My Kite of Blue (Keele)
2. Secret Love (Keele)
3. The Summer Fly (Oldys)
4. Spring and Fall: To A Young Child (G.M. Hopkins)
5. The Darkling Thrush (T. Hardy)
6. Orion (Keele)
Reviewed in the NATS Journal, November/December, 2009.

Dream Cycle (Two Early Songs) for High Voice and Piano (2009). CVR 4284
1. La Pluie (The Rain) (Keele)
2. A Last Dream (Keele) (in two keys)

The Aesthetic Cabaret for Medium Voice (2009, rev. 2012). CVR 4285
1. Nancy Drew and the Whispering Statue (Keele)
2. The Pine Grove and the Dance Hall (Keele)
3. Song of an Aging Dancer (Keele)
4. Diva Death Scenes (Keele)

Epitaphs and Elegies: A Cycle of Eight Character Songs For Soprano and Piano (F. Fenton, E. L. Masters, Keele) (2012). CVR 4682
1. Delores Todd
2. Mrs. Reece
3. April May
4. Elegy for A Cat
5. Russian Sonia
6. The Lament of Frostina the Snow Woman
7. Constance Hope
8. Stella Celeste

separate songs

O Lord and Lover of My Soul (1989, pub. 2009). CVR 4341
For Soprano or Mezzo-soprano and Piano with optional Cello Obbligato. From Cantata: Jesus, Royal Bridegroom (Keele).

Edward II: The Songe Which He Made (1998, pub. 2009). CVR 4250
Recitative and Aria in "Stile quasi antico" for Baritone, Oboe and Piano. Text based on a Poem by King Edward II of England.

Orion: A Song of Time and Space (1979, rev. 2008, pub. 2010). CVR 4342
Arranged for Medium High Voice, Cello and Piano. From Six Seasonal Songs for High Voice and Piano (Keele). For John Wustman.

The Memory Aria (1996).
For Dramatic Mezzo-soprano and Piano.

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